IGNITE Program by 3.2.1 Education Foundation

From this academic year 2019-20 Dharavi School implemented the IGNITE Program by 3.2.1 Education Foundation for Standard I & II Teachers and Students. It’s an integrated early grades program to ensure gold standard improvements in student learning by working with teachers, school leaders, parents and students.

The aim is to strengthen the knowledge and skills of Teachers and work with them to bring innovative practices to schools.

The 4 unique Features of the Ignite! Program are:

  • Individualised Support for Each Teacher
  • World class curriculums
  • Student level data analytics
  • Continuous communication of Progress



  • Helps them learn the latest best practices in teaching Covers areas such as student motivation, classroom management, general and content pedagogy.


  • Students leaving the Grade-1 and Grade-2 with mastery on foundational skills
  • Curated and contextualised Based on gold standard research Fun and engaging textbooks Informative guides


  • Increased and meaningful engagement with the school to contribute to the overall development