Principal’s Message

Principal Photo copy

We, at SSRVM, Dharavi, are blessed to teach the students, as we are able to see the transformation of these children to being “privileged” from being “underprivileged”.

Once they belong to Guruji, they are looked after in much more ways than one. We do have many volunteers who come and help our students who are mostly first generation school goers.

The challenge here is not only to give them of our best, but also to encourage them to dream big. For that, we feel the need to expose them to many opportunities which would otherwise have passed them by unknown to them.

They meet people from different fields. They learn to converse in English. They get the best of what is offered and they become confident and well balanced, due to the Sudarshan Kriya that they do every day.

We seek blessings from all to bless these children to come up in life and help those around them in the spirit of “Sangachchadhwam”.


Anuja Gaitonde